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Obviously, both the online and off-line methods will take a lot of time and work on your part. Newspaper ads and private detective can get very expensive very quickly. Fortunately there is a better way to do a people search click here.

Some of these services are rip-offs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but the reputable ones provide access to court records, DMV files, telephone records, property ownership records, marriage/divorce records and almost every public personal information database that is available online for a small one time fee that is less then the cost of a single classified ad in a local newspaper you will have a one year full membership.

This information used to be only available to licensed private investigators, police and government agencies. Thanks to newly passed laws, it is now available to the public.

People Search click here also offers instant detective tools for people searches, background checks, criminal records, phone numbers lookup and other investigative self-help tools.


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Whether you are trying to complete your family tree or would like to get in touch with a long lost classmate from elementary school, an online people search is the best way to go about it. Although plowing through hundreds (or even thousands) of records may seem daunting at first, the rewards of a people search, once successful, are truly fulfilling. (Besides, think of how much more difficult it will be if you had to conduct a manual search!)

Why Do A People Search?

Conducting a people search could be for any number of reasons. Some people have used online people search facilities to look for a parent, child or sibling they have never met due to adoption, war and others.

For some individuals, a people search is also one of the best ways to do some networking. You can build connections with other people based on mutual acquaintances or similar hobbies and interests. You can also use these newfound connections to further specific goals and aspirations that you may have.

If you just met someone new, running a people search on them could also give you an idea of what they are like based on their background. This is especially helpful for employers who are trying to get information on job applicants and for entrepreneurs who are entering business ventures with new partners.

People Search - There's Nothing Faster Than an Online Search


Conducting an online people search is probably the most practical and efficient way to go about it in a world that has become increasingly connected through the Internet. Knowing a few simple details about the person you are looking for is the best way to start; it can be an old address, phone number or simply a general idea of where this person used to live.

An online people search is the fastest method because you will not have to look through outdated records located in far flung places. It's also the most cost-effective as you don't need to travel nor deal with any private detectives.

There might be a lot of restrictions to accessing data is stored in libraries, clubs, government offices and other similar institutions but an online people search is usually free for all. Furthermore, you can conduct your search in complete anonymity so you don't even have to offer an reason or excuse to conduct any particular search.

The technology of an online people search also allows you a lot of freedom to filter your search and make it as specific as it needs to be. This saves you a lot of time from chasing after false leads or having to read tediously through pages of documents.

There are a myriad of people search websites on the Internet today, some even tailor-made for specific purposes such as looking for a military buddy or an old friend from church. As such , that long-anticipated reunion of yours could turn out to be sooner than you think.

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